Friday, 24 September 2010

How To Avoid Scammers

How to avoid scammers? Look at this! Thanks to Underneath Stardoll

1.First and most important rule!!! Never give out your password to ANYBODY, even if your friends. Your account is yours. It is personal and noone must have access to your account!!!
Don't give it for makeups, presentations or anything. Sure there are safe people but why would you take that risk over a presentaion make up etc when you can make it on your own!!!
2.NEVER change the email you registered with your account. The email controls the account. With the email you can request a new password. So NEVER change it. People that tell you Cheats that require to change your email adress are DEFINETELY and 100% SCAMMERS
3.Use a strong password. Any secure password should include letters, numbers and AT LEAST A SPECIAL CHARACTER such as pound, exclamation mark, currency sign, anything like that. Those passwords are unbreakable. So if it's possible make your password to include a special character. By doing this, you don't need to change your password all the time.
4. Don't navigate to other untrusted sites while you're logged in. There are sites that have tracking and stealing password programs called cookies and they can copy your password. It's important that you clean the cookies of your browser before and after being in Stardoll. Google how to clean cookies in the browser you use and set it to automatically clean. Whenever you close your browser windows (all of them) the cookies get wiped off. Open again and then log in to Stardoll.
5. If you suspect your being hacked, log out from Stardoll immediately. Many hacking devices work while you are logged in. Close all browser windows, open again, and without logging in to Stardoll request a new password to be sent by Stardoll to your registered email. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE IN THIS, so be quick.
6. If you have been hacked write to Stardoll urgently and tell them clearly all the facts and ask for their intervention in recovering the items you lost. They will probably listen and act.
7.Get informed on latest stardoll scammers by blogs such as :
8. Every time you log in to stardoll make sure that the url says NO OTHER site even if it looks like the same that asks you to put nick and pass to enter your account is SAFE. All these "stardoll-copies" sites are SCAMS!!
9. When trading do it with a well trusted person with at least 5-10 references which you will also check to see if they can be trusted too. Especially when the person who want to trade with asks you to go first!!
10. Last but not at all least let's clear something out in Stardoll there is NO CHEAT for FREE Superstar Membership, Free Stardollars , Free Limited Edition, Free DKNY and all this things. WHOEVER Promise you that is a Scammer. IF there was anything free of those things, the trusted blog you read already would have find it first!!!

....if you think we are forgetting something write it in the comments...but if you follow these rules you have nothing to be afraid off!!.....


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