Thursday, 14 October 2010


( Sorry For The Picture... I Can't Draw Well On Paint... )

Did You Noticed, That "Blue Diamond" Thing is For Stardoll Royalty Members?

What is Stardoll Royalty, you may ask?
Stardoll Royalty is a club that Stardoll created about one year ago for their more "loyal" members. To gain admission into the club, you basically have to purchase a one-year SS membership or have spent a large amount of money topping off your SD. Basically, Stardoll is rewarding the members who have paid a lot of money to contribute to the website. I also think that members who were around for several years and have a ton of StarPoints were invited as well.

Stardoll Royalty is an invitation-only club, and if you lose your SS status, you lose membership.
Don't Worry For Superstars, Coz' You Still Have The "Star" Thing On Your Picture...

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