Thursday, 21 October 2010

How To Set Manual Proxy

1. Log out of Stardoll <----very important step
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+DELETE(at the same time) in Firefox or Chrome... a window will pop up. Be sure that all the boxes are checked and in the "drop down" button be sure that you select.. ALL DAYS...not just 1 or 2 days ago...ALL....and Clear them!!
(In firefox the boxes will be shown when you click "Details)

If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools 
and Find something that says Clear/Delete History or something and click.... then clear ALL of them!!!

3. Set the manual proxy that was given in the post of with the free item like this:
Just follow the arrows:P
For Firefox
Open Firefox ----> Tools ----> Options ----> Advanced ---->Choose Tab Network ---> Settings ---> Check the Manual Configuration box ----> Insert the proxy(ip) and port here(we tell you these numbers in the post with the free item) ---> Click Save!!!....That's it!!

For Internet Explorer and Chrome:
Open Internet Explorer---->Tools---->Internet Options---->Choose Connections Tab---->Click Lan Settings---->Check the Use A Proxy Server for This Connection---> insert the proxy(ip) and port(we tell you these numbers in the post with the free item)--->OK and That's it!!!
(If you are using your INTERNET EXPLORER and do the above steps...the proxy will exist in CHROME too after this)

4. Click to go to the Stardoll link that was given to you in the post. 
5. Wait till the page loads(will take a while...)...log in to stardoll...and do what we tell you in the post about the free item 
6. Remove the manual proxy

Remove on Firefox:

Remember after you have finished doing what you do get the Firefox to its first go again to Tools---->Options---->Advanced---->Network--->Settings --> Check No proxy and you're done:)

Remove on  Internet Explorer and Chrome

Also for Explorer Remember after you have finished doing what you do get the Internet Explorer to its first go again to Tools---->Internet Options---->Choose Connections Tab---->Click Lan Settings---->check again the "Automatic Detect Settings" and you're done:)
(If you are using your INTERNET EXPLORER and do the above steps...the proxy will go away in CHROME too after these steps)

7. Go to Stardoll as USUAL

MANUAL PROXIES ARE USUALLY VERY SLOW YOU HAVE TO WAIT and REFRESH two or three times to determine that the proxy is NOT working....we will give you the ones that work of course and we will try to find the fastest we can.....we will also need your help on finding them feel free to tell us if we haven't find one yet...thank you:)

Credit: Underneath Stardoll

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